Our philosophy



We have the most effective, humane training program available. We focus on educating the owners of dogs regarding animal behavior.  We teach in a professional manner the methodology and formula for creating and keeping true order. We believe that having a consistent and balanced way to communicate with your dog eliminates confusion, stress, and promotes a life-long harmonious relationship. We do not condone laying hands on the animal unless it is to pet, bathe, or care for the animal.  Never should one hit or diminish the natural spirit of the animal. We create a relationship in which the dog wants to work to earn praise, play, or some other high value item/activity. The dog learns that as long as they do what we ask there is always something good coming for her in the end. Our dogs WANT to work for us, and LIVE to work for us. They do not feel forced into it or do it out of fear. We believe in the importance of science based training and using what we know to be true about dogs in general, and their natural drives, to analyze each case. We use what tools are best for each dog and handler based off of facts and realistic functionality, not the politically correct view. We do what is best for each dog, and what gives each client overall peace of mind.