Training level and Prices

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We do not have set prices, all prices seen are an estimate and are subject to change. For free evaluation you must bring dog to our location in Moody, AL or pay $50-$125 for in home evaluation. We customize all packages around the animal's specific needs and specialize in owner education. Most packages at World of Dogs are not based on time of per session. Instead, when you come to us we help determine what your ultimate goal is with your pet and make it our mission to sale you a package, the first time, that never requires another purchase. Meaning we never try to sell you another package just to make more money. We are not a sales team, we are trainers and educators. 

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Payment plans available

Military discount 25%-50%



1. Puppy Development - $350/week boarding in trainer's home

  • housebreaking
  • chewing issues
  • socialization
  • walking on a loose leash
  • crate manners
  • feeding time control

2. Basic Obedience  $1,000-$2,500 private lessons (boarding is additional charge)

  • ON LEASH control of dog
  • teaching dog to focus on handler
  • commands: heel, sit, down, come, place, up-up, etc.

3. Advanced Obedience $3,000-$4,500 private lessons (boarding is additional charge)

  • OFF LEASH control of dog
  • total focus on handler regardless of situation
  • commands: heel, sit, down, come, place, up-up, etc.
  • Trick training: dead dog, roll, jump, climb, etc.

HOME GUARDIAN - defensive deterrent      

  •  Area Protection/Home Protection - An introduction to suspicious activity and aggression for the purpose of protecting the INSIDE of the home or business.
  • Area Guard - A more progressive building of guard levels for protecting outside home or business
  • Vehicle Protection - Protection for the inside of your vehicle, remains in vehicle to ward off vandals and thieves 

Ask for quote on your specific dog - these are meant for people who already know what area of defensive training they already want or need.....




A. Family Watchdog - Starting @ $5,250

  • Off leash obedience
  • focused and alert
  • shows significant visible aggression on command
  • no bite command - not introduced to bite work

B. Personal Protection - Starting @ $7,500

  • On leash protection/Off leash obedience
  • Trained to bite in order to guard and protect you from personal assault
  • Trained to be proactive and respond automatically in case of assault
  • Command to attack and bite attacker
  • Trained to subdue threat
  • Release bite on command

C. Executive Protection - Starting @ $10,500

  • Off leash protection/Off leash obedience
  • Will attack passive criminal
  • Will pursue attacker
  • Multiple attackers
  • Guard object/other person