Hyper Harper. That's what I should have named her ... Harper is a 7 month old ball of pure joy and energy. I could not be more grateful for the guys at World of Dogs. Harper is the first dog that I've owned on my own and I had absolutely now clue where to start with training her. But World of Dogs has taught (and is continuing to teach) me how to turn her energy into ambition and praise seeking. She has become so easy to teach throughout the past 3 months that I've been working with WOD. They've exceeded my wildest expectations of her. 

At 7 months, Harper now focuses on me when we are out in public and walks calmly by my side, in addition to knowing multiple hand and verbal commands. She's not perfect and she is definitely still a goofy puppy; however World of Dogs is helping me with every life stage that Harper grows through! I'm so excited to see just how much more she will learn in this first year!