After years of begging my husband for a tiny little dog that I could dress up and carry around in a purse, he finally agreed to let me have one.  Only the agreement didn’t end up with me owning a tiny little purse dog, but rather an 8-week old German Shepherd puppy with massively big paws.  Heidi came into my life very unexpectedly in December 2015, and although her playfulness and puppy tendencies were cute at first, I quickly learned that one day she would be more than a handful since her expected weight would be topping out at around 90-100 pounds.  I began researching and calling several obedience training facilities only to be told that all she needed was a couple of lessons on puppy socialization.  I knew I would need more than puppy socialization with this dog, so my search continued.  

Completely by chance (and as it turns out luck), I found World of Dogs by scrolling through Facebook one day.  They advertised positive reinforcements with no negative methods such as shock collars, intimidation techniques, etc.  That sounded almost too good to be true, but I called them anyway.  My husband and I met with Palmer and observed a demonstration with Palmer's Rottweiler, Brink.  We were completely in awe of the complete control Palmer had with Brink through both body language and positive praise towards her.  I began to think if I could just have HALF that much control it would be a good thing! Palmer outlined several training plans we could choose from, but we ultimately decided to go with an intense training method in which we would leave Heidi with them for two weeks.  It was hard (on me, not her), and I missed her terribly, but when we picked her up we were amazed at her progress.  We are currently working on the perfection of leash training in which she learns to completely focus on me, and it is going really well.  The expected result is that she will be submissive to me as her “pack leader.”  We are also starting to work on her learning a couple of hand signals.  It has been so much fun to watch her progress, and I have been surprised as well that even someone like me can learn to control a growing puppy (she is now four months old and weighs a whopping 35 pounds). Palmer is really a true joy to work with, and his love for dogs is evident.  I look forward to seeing her progress through the next steps in her training, and I am so happy I found World of Dogs to help me with my sweet girl!