Training level and Prices

Free Evaluation - Free Demonstration - Free consultation


For free evaluation you must bring dog to our location in Birmingham, AL or pay $50-$125 for in home evaluation depending on distance from our HQ

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Payment plans available

Military discount 25%-50%



1. Puppy Development - $350/week boarding in trainer's home

  • housebreaking
  • chewing issues
  • socialization
  • walking on a loose leash
  • crate manners
  • feeding time control

2. Basic Obedience - $550 to $700/week boarding in trainer's home

  • ON LEASH control of dog
  • teaching dog to focus on handler
  • commands: heel, sit, down, come, place, up-up, etc.

3. Advanced Obedience - $700/week boarding in trainer's home

  • OFF LEASH control of dog
  • total focus on handler regardless of situation
  • commands: stand, directional sends, legs(dog between handler's legs), touch
  • Trick training: dead dog, roll, jump, climb, etc.

HOME GUARDIAN - defensive deterrent      

  •  Area Protection/Home Protection - An introduction to suspicious activity and aggression for the purpose of protecting the INSIDE of the home or business.
  • Area Guard - A more progressive building of guard levels for protecting outside home or business
  • Vehicle Protection - Protection for the inside of your vehicle, remains in vehicle to ward off vandals and thieves 

Ask for quote on your specific dog - these are meant for people who already know what area of defensive training they already want or need.....




A. Family Watchdog - Starting @ $5,250

  • Off leash obedience
  • focused and alert
  • shows significant visible aggression on command
  • no bite command - not introduced to bite work

B. Personal Protection - Starting @ $7,500

  • On leash protection/Off leash obedience
  • Trained to bite in order to guard and protect you from personal assault
  • Trained to be proactive and respond automatically in case of assault
  • Command to attack and bite attacker
  • Trained to subdue threat
  • Release bite on command

C. Executive Protection - Starting @ $10,500

  • Off leash protection/Off leash obedience
  • Will attack passive criminal
  • Will pursue attacker
  • Multiple attackers
  • Guard object/other person